With our certifications we are committed to creating ethical jewels that transmit true values


Globally recognized RJC certification that guarantees responsible ethical, social, environmental and human rights practices.
Since 6 November 2019 FACCO CORPORATION has been a member of the Responsible Jewelery Council RJC, a standardization organization set up to improve responsible practices on environmental, social, ethical and human rights matters in the entire jewelery supply chain with regard to Gold, Silver, Platinum-plated, Diamonds and Colored Gems.
The RJC has developed a gold standard for the Jewelery supply chain and credible mechanisms to verify, through third parties, that companies in the supply chain are operating in accordance with responsible business practices.
As a member of the RJC , FACCO CORPORATION is committed to setting goals and conducting its business integrating ethical, social, environmental and rights considerations by operating in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices and in compliance with the legislation in force in the countries in which it operates.
The Policy is evaluated and reviewed periodically in order to verify its effectiveness and adequacy over time.


Concept, manufacturing, assembly and finishing made in Italy
Each jewel is made with craftsmanship and modern technologies.


FACCO CORPORATION operates in compliance with the reference regulations of the countries with which it works and undertakes to identify, mitigate and, where possible, prevent violations of Human Rights related to its activity.

FACCO CORPORATION is committed to supporting the protection and safeguarding of Human rights and freedoms.
Aware of the value of human resources within the Company, FACCO CORPORATION is dedicated to the training and awareness of its Employees and is strongly committed to creating a good working environment for everyone, adopting a policy aimed at preventing, identifying, prohibiting and constantly monitoring phenomena attributable to harassment, bullying and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

This Policy is made public involving all interested parties, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders and can be reviewed and updated periodically in order to improve, taking into consideration any changes in the legislation.

FACCO CORPORATION SRL annually carries out the due diligence towards its commercial partners in order to verify any deviations from the OECD guidelines and furthermore no risks for human rights have been identified. The transactions considered are low-risk and the checks carried out comply with the RJC principles.

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Last revision date: 23 February 2022