FACCO CORPORATION SRL is a medium-sized company located in Camisano Vicentino Vicenza in via dell'Artigianato 21 which produces Gold Jewellery.

The company's production starts from the raw material and reaches the finished product, customized and ready to be delivered to the final consumer.

FACCO CORPORATION is a member of the RJC, a standards organization established to enhance responsible environmental, social, ethical and human rights practices throughout the jewelery supply chain with respect to gold, silver, PGM, diamonds and colored gemstones.

The RJC has established a gold standard for the jewelery supply chain and credible mechanisms to verify, through third parties, that companies in the supply chain are operating in accordance with responsible business practices.

As a member of RJC, FACCO CORPORATION undertakes to integrate ethical, social, environmental and human rights considerations into daily activities, business planning and decision-making processes and in particular undertakes:

  • To carry out its business in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices and in compliance with the legislation in force in the countries in which it operates;
  • To set goals and conduct business with ethics, transparency and integrity;
  • To adopt adequate measures to promote policies consistent with the law and with the standards of legality for the prevention of corruption and transparency in business relationships, at national and international level;
  • To supervise supplies, especially as regards gold;
  • To apply an adequate method of gathering information before starting a commercial relationship and to supervise the supply chain;
  • To respect the rules of work ethics, rejecting all working conditions characterized by inhumanity, exploitation, discrimination and to comply with the provisions of the national labor contract applied;
  • To implement a Human Rights policy;
  • To contribute to the development and well-being of the local community with behavior which, together with business opportunities, also supports organizations and activities with civic aims within the community in which it operates;
  • To ensure compliance with quality standards and information on the characteristics of its products;
  • Di promotes all actions necessary to protect the safety and health of its workers and of people who come into contact with the Company;
  • To take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the goods shipped, to prevent theft or damage;
  • To carry out its activities with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment without damaging it, it undertakes to maximize waste separation by promoting differentiation and recycling where possible, to dispose of special waste produced by relying on specialized companies and to use natural resources responsibly without unnecessary waste.

This Policy is evaluated and reviewed periodically in order to verify its effectiveness and adequacy over time.

A copy of this document is disseminated in the company workplaces by posting on the bulletin board and communicated to all interested parties through publication on the company websites.

Effective Date: February 23, 2022


Facco Corporation operates in compliance with the relevant regulations of the countries with which it works and undertakes to identify, mitigate and, where possible, prevent the violations of Human Rights related to its activity.

In accordance with the above, Facco Corporation undertakes:

  • to support the protection and safeguarding of human rights and freedoms (according to the principles of the Universal Declaration of the United Nations of 1948 and subsequent conventions);
  • not to tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political and trade union affiliation, sexual orientation and gender identity, language or different ability, illegal recruitment, illicit brokering and labor exploitation, ill-treatment, harassment, forced or child labor (following the principles of the ILO Convention);
  • to recognize freedom of association through the free membership of workers in trade unions (following the principles of the ILO Convention);
  • to undertake not to procure material in areas where there are armed conflicts, violence or other violations of human rights;
  • to prevent, identify, prohibit and constantly monitor phenomena attributable to harassment, bullying and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace;
  • To create an internal complaint and support procedure for Employees who report violations of the above, protecting them from any retaliatory action;
  • to create a good working environment for all Employees;
  • to train and raise awareness among its Employees;
  • to respect the characteristics of the social environment in which it operates;
  • to make public and disseminate its Policy involving all interested parties, Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders;
  • to periodically review its Policy in order to continuously improve, taking into consideration any changes in the legislation.

Effective Date: February 23, 2022